Happy New Year!

I know the last time I posted I had said I would be posting regularly, but of course RL got in between my SL. Since the last time, I graduated from photography school. I guess that makes me a professional now, huh? Not only did I finish school, but I had other RL that was getting to me. It’s on a more personal note, one which I don’t feel to share. (More because it makes me sad, it’s not that I don’t want to share it with you.)

I have vowed to be a little more carefree this year. I am going to focus more on myself than on the things that were bothering me. I also vow to be happier, more than half of last year brought too much sadness.

But whatever. I am sure you didn’t want to come here and read my sadness. I have missed you dolls, read on for some yumminess.






Hair: Defiler – Tableau Vivant

Skin: December Skin (in Artic 02 Tone) – Glam Affair

Lips: LoudMouth Lipstick Applier (Grey Purple) – (NO)

Necklace: Time Goes By – [ glow ] studio

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Hands: SLink AvEnhance Hands (Relaxed)

Jacket: Faux Fur – 1 Hundred

Pants: Leggings – tres blah

Shoes: Larissa High Heels (for SLink Hight Feet) – Bens Boutique


Project Everybody….Have you heard about it?

I am sure you have all heard about Project Everybody already, right? I think this is a very good idea and helps you overcome those basic fears that you wouldn’t talk about normally. In RL I have a few insecurities, I wish I was able to just talk about them and not worry about how others would perceive me. But in this day and age, everyone makes fun of everyone and it seems to be okay. (Just an FYI….it is not okay in my books at all.)

Here I will tell you what is so different than how I normally look/blog.

1. Dark skin: I love dark skins, I have several of them in my inventory but never bring myself to wear them because I don’t know what my friends will think. (It’s bad, I know.)

2. Normal clothes: For me, normal is wearing a tiara, horns, or flowers in my hair. Normal is the non-everyday clothing. But in all actuality, the outfit I have on is what is considered normal everyday clothing. You don’t see me in this very much because I don’t look like “ME”.

3. Normal hair: I always have some type of colored hair on in SL. When I wear regular colors, I don’t feel like myself.




Hair: Momo – +Spellbound+

Skin: Ming – [the skinnery]

Eyes: Faerie Eyes – [Buzzeri]

Necklace: The Crosary – – .HoD. –

Ring: My Bad Girl Ring – :FANATIK:

Top: Tucked Shirt – !Admiral Spicy!

Bottom: Lazy Pants – cheeky

Shoes: F-Wings – 2Real Footwear

Poses: Label Motion

Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

It’s been raining here the last couple of days, not how I envisioned spring. I know that April showers bring May flowers, but I prefer warm weather and sunshine! Haha.

My home on SL has this sweet little waterfall that I happened upon accidentally. And all I could think was ummm hello why haven’t I photographed it yet? So I decided on that today. I love it….the water is so calming.

Oh!! I forgot to mention…I have a new favorite hair store….You will see when I post it below!






Hair: Sunday – +Spellbound+

Skin: Aria – Glam Affair

Lips: Brandee – .Loud Mouth.

Teeth: Parted Teeth – .Loud Mouth.

Hands & Feet: SLink

Top: Spring Fringe Tubetop – Moon}

Bottom: Black Leather Leggings – DeeTaleZ

Poses: [forever] – (marukin)

Miss Pretty in Pink

Oh a girl can never wear too much pink. Says who? Says me! I love the color pink. I always will. It’s just something I can’t live without, honestly. I tell myself when I go shopping in SL, “Liane, no more pink.” And what is the first color I am drawn to??? PINK!! I do have other colors, but I always go to pink as a back up haha.

With that being said…..every piece of clothing I have on I love. And who knows when I will take it off again….well, until I blog a brand new outfit for you all! ❤ you guys!






Hair: Meiling_Nurie – [taketomi]

Hairbow: Winking at You Bows – .Olive.

Skin: Aria – Glam Affair

Hands & Feet: SLink

Eyes: Faerie Eyes – [Buzz]

Lips: Brandee – .Loud Mouth.

Teeth: Parted Teeth – .Loud Mouth.

Braces: .Loud Mouth.

Lipstick Applier: 3 Pastel Tone (for .Loud Mouth.)- Nylon Outfitters

Dress: Kiele Dress – [Miseria]

Shoes: Loraine Heels (for SLink High Female Feet) – :: Miss Canning ::

Poses: {sentimental} – .mien. (Pose Fair)

So Fresh and So Clean….Yes!!!

Well hello there my lil divas! Spring is the time for new things…and I decided to go ahead and start a new, fresh blog. Many of you may know me from http://wearebadinfluences.wordpress.com/ where I had begun blogging with my SL sisters back in November 2010. It was a great way to get involved in the blogging world but I feel that the time has definitely come for me to branch out on my own and see where else blogging can take me.

I have missed blogging and feel like a piece of me wasn’t there anymore, but I am definitely ready to come back better than before.




Hair: Chick Habit – Clawtooth

Headpiece: Aventine Horns – +Half-Deer+

Skin: Aria (Asia Tone) – Glam Affair

Mouth: Brandee – .Loud Mouth.

Teeth: Parted Teeth – .Loud Mouth.

Hands: AvEnhance Hands Female – SLink

Top: Long Button Shirt – (fd)

Top: Fuzzy Cropped Sweater – (fd)

Bottom: Beat Up Jeans – (fd)

Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female High – SLink

Poses: rhodolite – (marukin)